Some people see their tax return as found money and use it on splurge items. I know I’d like to run away to Maui in the middle of winter but alas it’s not going to happen this year.  However tempting it might be to spend your “found money” take a minute to really think how it could be of better use. Tax returns are not savings accounts or a gift. A tax refund simply means you paid too much in taxes and Uncle Sam was holding it for you.  So, how can your tax return be put to smart use?

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The fall of 2016 marked the 10-year anniversary for my company, Penn Rise Benefits, Inc., an accomplishment of which I am very proud.  While reflecting over the last decade, I realize that there have been modifications to my business model, personnel challenges and governmental regulations that have all presented their own trials and stress.  There are some overarching themes that come to mind while looking back that will also be relevant while I focus on the future. 

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A business retirement plan is a great employee benefit program that can help attract and retain quality employees.  As an added bonus, it can be an effective way to reduce current taxes while saving for retirement.  Have you thought about offering a retirement plan at your business but felt that your company is too small or that maintaining a retirement plan will be too costly or complicated?

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